Funding Boost for Henley Park

Enfield Rovers Soccer Club has handed across to Burwood Municipal Council a cheque for $165,000 (inc GST) towards the cost of the upgrading of floodlights at Henley Park.

Burwood Municipal Council is well advanced in its work towards future proofing the venue for the local sporting community and residents.

The Floodlighting project alone will see an investment of over $500,000 by Burwood Council.

The $165,000 (inc GST) contribution by the Enfield Rovers Soccer Club follows the announcement last year by Football NSW and the Government of the second round of grants from the 2015 Asian Cup Legacy Fund. This being $2.3 million spread across the State.

Enfield Rovers Soccer Club were one of the successful clubs applying for a grant from the Asian Cup Legacy Fund. The Club has worked closely with Burwood Council that will see the implementation of a Master Plan. The plan is extensive and involves much more than just floodlighting. It is about a whole of the park action plan.

Club President, Charles Tama, acknowledged the collaborative efforts of the Government, Football NSW and the Canterbury District Soccer Football Association in helping secure the Asian Cup Legacy Grant towards modern floodlighting. The new technologically advanced floodlighting will allow the club and other users of the park to do so in safety. It will ensure better use of the Park by juniors, seniors, male and female throughout both the winter and summer periods.

The Henley Park Complex is a major regional sporting and recreational facility for the community in the inner west. Burwood Council is expending over $2.7 million with the installation of field drainage, irrigation and new surfaces on the main playing fields and the construction of a synthetic surface for the benefit of small sided football to permit the Enfield Rovers Soccer Club to better service its members.

The refurbishing and re-purposing of the existing amenities building and the upgrading of the canteen and additional storage extension and rooms forms a key element of the Master Plan being implemented at this key Community Sporting Park. Council and the Enfield Rovers Soccer Club are focussed on the need to meet both today and tomorrow’s community expectations

The investment by Government, Council, Football NSW and the Enfield Rovers Soccer Club is an acknowledgement of the importance active sport plays in building social cohesion, inclusion and fighting life style related medical issues such as cardio vascular disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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